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Katherine and her daughter on the Cover of W

On the cover of the December issue of the W magazine actress Katherine Heigl poses with her daughter Naleigh. In 2009 Katherine and her husband singer Josh Kelley adopted a special needs baby girl from South Korea.

In April 2010 Katherine Heigl spoke with The Daily Beast about how much she enjoys the CW show “Life Unexpected”, starring her former “Roswell” co-star Shiri Appleby. The actress revealed that she loves the “Life Unexpected” storyline, explaining, “I sit and watch this show every week from the birth mother’s perspective, and it’s amazingly well done.”

Katherine Heigl tells the magazine that her sister Meg is Korean. She adds “I hope one day she and Naleigh will be able to talk about what it’s like to be adopted.” The issue includes and interview and photo shoot with the Heigl clan.

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