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CeleBuzz Interview with Adam Rodriguez

CeleBuzz spoke with Adam Rodriguez about his role in Steven Soderbergh’s “Magic Mike”. The actor revealed that he had to give up a coveted role in the next Dark Knight film in order to be a part of the “Magic Mike” cast.

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Exclusive: ‘Magic Mike’ Star Adam Rodriguez Chose Stripping Over ‘Dark Knight’

Fans are pretty excited you’re starring in Magic Mike. What drew you to the role?
The first thing that got my attention was the fact that Steven Soderbergh was directing. Then I read the script and loved the way the premise of a “male stripper movie” was delivered with style. It had edge without taking itself too seriously and humor without making an ass of itself. The roles of the dancers were sprinkled throughout the script with lots of room for improvisation, and I knew it would be something fun to be a part of. I was right. Best time I’ve ever had on a job. Learned a lot and laughed a lot.

In addition to Magic Mike, there’s talk that you’re doing Dark Knight. Is that true?
Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to work on Dark Knight because it directly conflicted with the shooting schedule for Magic Mike. There was no way around it. I’m sure it would have been an incredible experience, but I know it worked out for the best.

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