Roswell Movie – Video Campaign

On the Facebook page of the Roswell Movie Campaign We want a Roswell Movie you can find some information about a Campaign Video Contest:

Ok, Roswell Fans we have a contest for you! Here are the deets:

We need a new Roswell Movie Campaign video and the top three video creators will win a prize. You MUST be a fan of We Want A Roswell Movie’s fb page, and you must sign the Roswell Movie petition to enter/qualify for the contest. The deadline for video entries to win a prize is Monday, DECEMBER 5, 2011. I will post links to the prizes below. Sorry all internation fans, but this is for U.S. residence only. If you live outside of the U.S. and would still like to enter to win a prize then you must pay for shipping and handling.

If you’re interested in participating make sure to read this post.

Roswell Movie Campaign:
Facebook: We want a Roswell Movie

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