LeadingMajandra Delfino

“Bent” – Help Majandra with Pictures

Majandra’s husband is going to star in the upcoming NBC show “Bent” – a new romantic comedy about two people who may be bent, but are definitely not broken. The show will premiere on March 21st and according to Majandra “It’s super funny and he’s super dreamy.”

Majandra recently asked her Followers on Twitter to take pictures for her from “Bent” posters in the city. “Alright NY & LA, lets see some BENT poster pics. My husband, the bad boy, is all over the place. I want to seeeeeee!!!!” She hasn’t seen the double decker bus in NY with her husbands face on it, too… “Apparently there are double decker buses in NY with my husbands face on it and still no pictures for me. What the heck?! Someone take one!!” the actress tweeted.

If you can help Majandra please take a picture and send her a tweet @MajandraD! The official Twitter page for “Bent” is located here.