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The Crashdown Waitress Uniform Never Gets Old

We hope you all had great Halloween.

As previously mentioned, the Crashdown waitress uniform never gets old. Thanks a lot to Roswell 10/2/00 and Behrsgirl1230 for sharing their great Crashdown waitress costumes photos with us and if you always wanted to create your own Crashdown uniform please read on, because the girls share some information on how they did made their constumes.

“It was so hard tracking down a blue nurse uniform that I ended up getting a blue stewardesses costume and made the apron out of material.” Roswell 10/2/00 shares with She transformed to Liz Parker back in 2005 and it’s not surprising that she received many compliments for her uniform which looks very alike the original. “I went to a party that night and got so many compliments and so many people told me how much they loved the TV show Roswell. I also won a prize for best costume of the night at the party.”

That same year, Roswell 10/2/00‘s friend Behrsgirl1230 and her college roommates went as Liz, Maria, and Isabel and all dressed up as Crashdown waitresses. Behrsgirl1230’s Mom made the costumes. Roswell 10/2/00 explains, “Her mom died white nurse uniforms and made the alien aprons from material. I provided them the silver crowns that I found at CVS. They also made a Crashdown Cafe sign to hang in their dorm room.” She adds “Everyone in their doom loved it and nicked named to them as the Roswell girls.”

Roswell 10/2/00 as Liz Parker, Behrsgirl1230 and her college roommates as the girls from Roswell

© Photos courtesy of 10/2/00 and Behrsgirl1230

Did you decided to wear a Roswell-themed costume, too? We’d love to see it! Send us a photo of your costume and we’ll include it in a special “Halloween” page that will be displayed on If you like to submit old photos or a costume guide, please don’t hesitate to write us.

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