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“About A Boy” Season One Finale Airs Tonight – May 13th

The “About a Boy” season finale airs tonight, May 13th at 9/8c PM on NBC. The romantic comedy, from Jason Katims, as been picked up for a second season by NBC recently and stars David Walton, Minnie Driver and Benjamin Stockham.

Starting at 9/8c PM, the network will air the two back-to-back episodes “About a Hammer” and “About a Rib Chute”.

Please read the official short summary below and make sure watch and tweet with the cast:



05/13/2014 (09:01PM – 09:31PM): WILL GETS A TEMPORARY HOUSEMATE WHEN SAM IS FORCED OUT OF HER PLACE, BUT THE SITUATION ISN’T QUITE WHAT HE IMAGINED-ADRIANNE PALICKI GUEST STARS-Will invites Sam to temporarily move in with him when she is forced to evacuate her apartment. However, when Andy (Al Madrigal) warns Will that his home will soon be transformed into her place, similar to what had transpired with him and Annie (guest star Annie Mumolo), Will starts to panic. Meanwhile, Fiona (Minnie Driver) misreads a conversation and is under the false impression that Sam is pregnant and Will and Marcus (Benjamin Stockham) build a treehouse together.


05/13/2014 (09:31PM – 10:00PM): WILL FINDS HIMSELF IN UNFAMILIAR TERRITORY WHEN SAM DROPS A BOMBSHELL ON HIM IN THE SEASON ONE FINALE–ADRIANNE PALICKI GUEST STARS–Will (David Walton) is completely heartbroken when Sam (guest star Adrianne Palicki) receives a job opportunity she can’t refuse in New York, prompting Fiona (Minnie Driver) and Marcus (Benjamin Stockham) to try their best to comfort their friend. With her absence weighing on his mind, Will turns to Andy (Al Madrigal) for his sage advice in figuring out how to best move forward. Annie Mumolo and Zach Cregger also guest star.

Catch up with full episodes online,, and don’t miss the season finale on NBC!

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