Roswell Fan Meetup #RoswellReunion

[This post is no longer up to date. Visit this page for the latest information: or Update 1]

Via bobthejeep:


We are planning a Roswell Fan Meetup for Saturday, June 7th at 7pm. Location is TBD. Please join the Facebook Group and rsvp to this event or let me know via email at I need to know how many people are planning to attend so that I can reserve tables at an Austin restaurant within walking distance of the ATX Festival. Each fan will be responsible for paying for their own drinks/food.

The actual Roswell panel will be held on Sunday June 8th at 1pm at the Alamo Ritz in Austin, TX. Visit the ATX Festival for information on tickets. Jason Katims, Brendan Fehr, Nick Wechsler and Shiri Appleby are confirmed attendees as of May 2nd.


Some of us thought it would be nice to put together a small book with thank-you notes from the fans. Whether you are coming to the ATX Festival or not, please feel free to submit a message to the cast below. I will have these messages put in a small book and we will present it to Jason Katims at the Roswell panel. If we can raise enough money, I’m hoping we can make copies for all the cast members that attend. Based on my research, I think each book will be around $25. I am looking into how to set up a place for fans to donate towards this cause.

**The deadline for submitting a message is Sunday, May 26th.**

–Please direct your messages to the entire cast instead of just a single actor.
–Please try to keep your messages relatively short and to the point.
–I may edit the message for grammar or spelling.
–I am asking for your email only for the purposes of this photo-book. I will not post it anywhere nor give it to anyone. I will only email you if I have a question about your entry or what you are trying to say. If I feel like some changes are needed to your entry, I will email you a revised version of your message for your approval.

WANTED!! If you have any Roswell-related photos that you own/took and are willing to give me permission to print them in this book, please let me know ASAP!!

[Click here and submit your message!]

Please visit and fill out the form. Join the Facebook group for news and updates:
15Yr Roswell Fan Reunion ATX Festival, Austin TX