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Save “Friends With Better Lives” #saveFWBL

“Last episode airs tonight. Unless everyone can help #SaveFWBL @CBS @MajandraD @BrooklynDecker @vanderjames @ZoeListerJones @rickdonald, Kevin Connolly just tweeted. James Van Der Beek added “If you don’t watch tonight, all of these actors will be euthanized. Or unemployed. One of the two. 8:30pm #SaveFWBL”.

20th Century Fox TV is currently working on finding a new home for “Friends With Better Lives”. Please don’t stop tweeting about the comedy and let everyone know that you want to see more episodes of the show.

“Friends With Better Lives” is getting funny and funnier and it deserves better.

Majandra replied to a fan “Only the fans can make that happen. Tweet both the hashtag #saveFWBL and @fwblCBS today and your voice will be heard.” Show your support and spread the word.

Episode 7 “Cyrano de Trainer-Zac” airs tonight, May 19 (8:30-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

Full episodes are available on the official CBS website. You can find the episodes on Amazon.com or iTunes, as well.

Watch full episodes online

Yummy Mummy
S1 Ep6 (21:43)

The Bicycle Thieves
S1 E5 (21:42)

Pro and Cons
S1 E4 (20:02)

Game Sext Match
S1 E3 (21:42)

Window Pain
S1 E2 (21:43)

S1 E1 (21:43)

German fans can purchase the episodes via the iTunes Store Germany [Season 1 | Season 1 subtitled], but there is no boadcast date, yet.

Comedy Central is going to air the show in the UK and Network Ten will bring “Friends With Better Lives” to Australia, but no air date has been scheduled. Watch some preview clips on YouTube and learn more about the show by visiting the official website here: www.cbs.com/shows/friends-with-better-lives/ and start tweeting #saveFWBL, if you like what you see.

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