Entertainment Weekly: Blog Series About “Roswell” – It’s getting hot in here

EW Community Contributor Jen Winkler released her second Roswell blog entry yesterday.

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It’s getting hot in here

by Jen Winkler, Community Contributor

Jun 28, 2014

Season 1 | Episode 9 | “Heat Wave” | Aired Dec 1, 1999

Since I wrote about the pilot last week, not much has changed over the next eight episodes I’m jumping over here. For example, it’s a proven fact that wild horses (causing Max to crash the Jeep and land himself in the hospital) couldn’t keep him away. That accident, occurring in episode 8, “Blood Brothers,” is important to the next episode on my list of favorites, “Heat Wave.”

The episode title says it all, as this hour centers around all the crushes and steamy hookups you’d expect from a WB teen sci-fi romance.

Remember Alex from the pilot? Sweet, innocent Alex was roped into this whole alien mess when Max is hospitalized and the gang scrambles to substitute his blood for a human’s for fear of being exposed. []

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