Get Ready For The 15th Anniversary

October 6th, 2014 marks the fifteenth anniversary of the series premiere of “Roswell”. Are you going to re-watch the pilot tomorrow?

Join us on Twitter and tell us about the first time you watched “Roswell”. Did you watch the show right from the start or did you discover this special series a little later? Are you a candy, dreamer, stargazer or another shipper?

Tweet fanart, quotes and show your love for the show that made us believe, ensuring that you include #RememberROSWELL and #15yearsofRoswell somewhere in your posts. If you add @crashdowncom to your Roswell related tweets we will retweet!

Join Roswellians from all over the world and chat about your favorite show.

Get ready for the 15th Anniversary and check out some pre-launch clips below. The videos started airing in August 1999 in order to announce the premiere of Roswell in fall 1999.

Pre-Launch Clips

One thought on “Get Ready For The 15th Anniversary

  • I soo love the show I have watched all 3 seasons at least 3 times. My Birthday is October 8, 2014 soo I’m excited to watch all three seasons starting Again on Roswell’s 15th Year Anniversary. I told my husband about taking me to Roswell New Mexico just for my own personal adventure. Wish me luck :-)

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