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SMG & Jason Behr – “The Grudge” #TBT

How we love finding these pictures from the past on social media.

Sarah Michelle Gellar shared a wonderful throwback Thursday photo via her Instagram account.

She posted a behind the scenes picture with her “The Grudge” co-star Jason Behr.

The former “Buffy” star wrote “#TBT but even in #Japan I had to have coffee!! Would you believe the #Starbucks was next to my apartment?!? #destiny And my great partner in Japanese adventures #JasonBehr”

The two actors filmed “The Grudge”, a English-language remake of the Japanese movie ‘Ju-On’, in 2004 in Japan. The movie is about a murderous supernatural curse born of a grudge held by someone who dies an angry death.

Jason Behr met his wife KaDee Strickland while filming “The Grudge”. He starred in an episode of “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” alongside Sarah Michelle Gellar in 1997.