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Catch Up on “Night Shift” & Don’t Miss An Important Episode Tonight

Tonight’s new episode of NBC’s “Night Shift” is going to be intense. Gabe Sachs, the co-creator of the medical show, tweeted yesterday “We are so proud of our cast, crew and our director @OzScott @NBCNightShift #thenightshift It's an important episode.”

Episode 4 is titled “Three-Two-One” and airs at 10/9c tonight.

Via NBC:

06/22/2016 (10:00PM – 11:00PM) (Wednesday): RACIAL PROTESTS OVER AN IMPENDING JURY VERDICT WREAK HAVOC FOR THE NIGHT SHIFT AT SAN ANTONIO MEMORIAL – As the city erupts in violence over an impending jury verdict, the night shift becomes ground zero when they have to take in the man suspected of the racially-motivated shooting at the source of the unrest. His presence in the emergency room sparks sharp conversation and disagreements among the staff over the highly-charged topic and even close friends Kenny (JR Lemon) and Paul (Robert Bailey Jr.) find themselves at odds. Topher (Ken Leung) does his best to control the mounting chaos in the ER while out in the field, TC (Eoin Macken) makes a decision as to which of two patients to bring in, leaving Paul and Scott (Scott Wolf) to question TC’s motives. Jill Flint, Brendan Fehr and Tanaya Beatty also star.

Watch a preview on NBC. The latest three full episodes are still available on the official website. Catch up on the “Night Shift” and join the live tweeting tonight.