Thanks For Tweeting With Us! – Digital #RoswellBack Hot Sauce Campaign

Thanks so much for participatating in our latest #RoswellBack campaign. The digital HOT sauce was so much fun and in case you missed it: The #RoswellBack hashtag created some buzz and jumped on no. 15 of the trending topics. Please make sure to check back for an article composed by Nomi Loveletters for all the scoop!

Over the week we tweeted and posted some reminders and Ric surprised us on Thursday with a little rhyme about our Digital HOT Sauce Campaign which raised our great anticipation: “If you feel down, with a face as long as a horse, then giddy on up into Friday, with some digital hot sauce!” What a great start into this new fun Twitter campaign. Thanks again Ric!

We also got the attention of some cast members again. After approx. an hour of busy tweeting, the fans who joined us started to share character appreciation tweets and showed their dedication to “Roswell” with other fun tweets. Brendan was kind enough to explain to a new fan how the shipper name “Candy” came up: “Michael & Maria’s initials are M&M so that was kinda the original ship name and it eventually morphed into #candy.”

Colin Hanks and Nick Wechsler liked Leanna’s tweet, which showed her submission in the Thank You book fans gave the cast and Jason Katims at the ATX Television Festival in 2014.

Next, we will post a selection of the fan tweets here on You all really know how to put the Tabasco bottle and our favorite Roswell residents in perspective!

Again, well done Roswellians! We really enjoyed your fun photos and dedication for the show.

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