Baron And Toluca

Twitter Session on Fire – August 27th

Thanks for tweeting with us yesterday. There was some new oil in the fire of desire for the TV show “Baron And Toluca”. Did you feel it, too? During August 27th Twitter session, fans came up with memes and themes to spice up the Twitter mission in order to get Netflix’s attention to the project Majandra Delfino and Brendan Fehr are pitching to the streaming giant. Also, we’ve seen many more new faces tweeting with us. Every tweet counts. We hope you had as much fun as we had. A very warm welcome to all the new dans!

Here are some fun ideas from yesterday:

After tweeting the official campaign tweet at 6 PM EST, Nomi from RoswellBack tweeted about “Things I can’t wait to do when B+T gets picked up”.

Read B+T fanfics ppl will write!
Have B+T viewing parties w/ my amigos!
Have parties themed with Baron’s dietary quirks?

Heysunflowergrl continued to post her Covina set location photos in which she added the characters Baron and Toluca. So we don’t need to imagine them in Roswell but already see them there!

Photobomb at the Crashdown Café
#Baron hanging out at the #crashdowncafe
What are #BaronAndToluca doing at Courtney’s apt?

Crashdown’s Sarah decided to tweet a bunch of photos showing Baron in his other jobs. As the official plot hints/indicates that they need to run from a paranormal mystery, so the assumption that Baron will have aliases and different jobs is totally cool and it was another fun theme to follow, retweet and reply to.

#BaronsPastJobs: Rockstar
#BaronsPastJobs Professional Ice Skater
#BaronsPastJobs: Doctor

Make sure to spread the word about B+T and the campaign. Give it a start and set up your own Twitter account for the cause of making this project real, if you haven’t done so already.

Which meme will your tweets have next Saturday?