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“Once Upon A Time” Season 6 Premieres Tonight – Sept. 25th

“Once Upon A Time” is back with a brand-new episode tonight. Are you ready to go back to Storybrooke? Who is excited to have Emilie de Ravin and Robert Carlyle back on screen?

The show’s co-creator Adam Horowitz recently shared a script tease from the new season with his followers on Twitter, revealing a short glimpse of dialogue between Rumple and Belle. In addition, he joined Eddy Kitsis for a Facebook Live Q&A on September 22nd, 2016. For some more spoilers, please head on over to TV Guide and read Someone Surprising Ruins a Quick “Rumbelle” Reunion

Catch a special preview of Once Upon A Time’s season 6 right before the premiere at 7/6c and scroll down for some behind the scenes pictures Emilie de Ravin posted on social media! Tune in at 8 PM ET/PT for the season premiere.

Emilie de Ravin’s Countdown To The Premiere