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Sending Good Vibes To Night Shift’s Cast & Crew

Night Shift’s season 3 finale episode “Burned” ended with major cliffhangers on August 31st. Cast, crew and fans of the medical drama are waiting impatiently for several months now in order to find out the fate of the beloved summer show.

Executive producer Gabe Sachs tweeted recently “We should have some official news SOON regarding @NBCNightShift PLEASE SEND GOOD VIBES OUR WAY!!!”.

Now, it looks like that NBC will finally annouce the news on the future of the show next week. On November 12th, Sachs posted a link to the song “Monday, Monday” by The Mamas and the Papas and he added “I'm being told we will have official news early in the week…hence…Monday Monday part of song.”

We love the dynamic of the cast on screen as well as the fun Twitter sessions on social media and we continue to send many good vibes to The Night Shift’s cast and crew. We want to see you back on our TV. Fingers crossed!

Monday, Monday
So good to me