WANTED: Alien Blast Chicks

Roswell friendships are the best. Known by the nickname Victoria Rose/and many Roswellian Gurl style names, Heather was a member of several zines, forums and message boards site and she loved messaging with fellow dedicated fans.

“I became very close friends with two girls and one boy”, she told us after she decided to reach out to Crashdown to help her assist find a few lost Roswell friends. “The boys name was Christopher and we talked many times and even mailed each other.” she added. Heather and her female friends even had a name for their group.

“My lovely Roswellian girls and I made a pact and called ourselves the “Alien Blast Chicks” their names were Gabby and Miranda. I hope they wondered and found their way back to the Crashdown just as I have as. Thank you!”

Please contact Crashdown or just comment to this post, so that Heather can get in touch with you again!