Jason BehrLeadingRoswell

“How amaze balls is Jason Behr?“

The second season of CW’s “Roswell, New Mexico” is going to premiere Monday, March 16. The showrunner Carina Adly MacKenzie did a Q&A on Instagram and she was asked “How amaze balls is Jason Behr?“ See her answer in the short video clip.

Shiri directed episode 4 “What If God Was One of Us” of the new season and Jason Behr has a recurring role on season two.

The second season consists of 13 episodes. In the Q&A MacKenzie revealed which episode she is most excited for fans to finally see on screen: Episode three. “Good Mother” was written by Deirdre Mangan and Carina Adly MacKenzie.

Follow the showrunner on Instagram @cadlymack. There she shared a photo with Jason a while ago, too. Check it out here:

Courtesy of Carina Adly MacKenzie via Instagram.