A BIG Thank You

While we all have to come to terms with social distancing this was definitely the oddest birthday in my life this year. Thanks for the virtual hugs and messages via social media and long-long e-mails. It was amazing!!! Thanks so much for the Birthday love.

Here’s a BIG thank you to my friends Sarah, Nomi and Debby who helped to my birthday extra special. It was amazing to Skype with all of you that day, but because you all are so crazy (in a positive way) you put a cherry on top. They reached out to Brendan Fehr, who recorded a Cameo for me.

Thanks for putting a big smile on my face! Thank you so much Brendan for your kind words. I was speachless, so just ‘Thank you’. Also, a big thanks to Katherine Heigl for the birthday shout-out! My stargazing heart felt so loved.

2020 really started off rough, but with the Roswell and B+T family it will still rock.

Please stay safe.

Thanks so much,