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”Happy Cocktail Hour“ With Katherine & Her Son

Katherine Heigl shared another hilarious “Diary” entry with her followers on social media. She wrote: “Dear Diary, it is day 314 in quarantine. In these desperate and isolating times I have been forced to find creative ways to amuse myself. It seems that my kitchen makes for a lively and entertaining new bar with excellent happy hour specials and my toddler makes for a charming and eccentric patron. Desperate times call for desperate measures as they say….till tomorrow dear diary, Katherine”

Cam wrote on Twitter to Katherine saying “The way I need every parent to create bar scenes as a new method of teaching because this is a needed life skill.” and the actress agreed. She replied “Absolutely haha!”

Katherine’s husband Josh Kelley, commented on the video with “Yassssss #cafekeigl”. Watch the cute and funny video on Instagram or Twitter. (Also, how adorable is little Josh Jr’s helmet?)

Happy cocktail hour!