“Pass the Hot Sauce”: Roswell Maddness

The Roswell Podcast “Pass the Hot Sauce” finished the first season of “Roswell” recently. Their latest episode 0.23 is a “Season One Wrap-Up” and launched on June 23, 2020. Now they are on hiatus until September 1st and you’ve got some of time to catch up.

Hint: In case you have missed it, our friend Nomi from @RoswellBack is a special guest host on episode 1.20 Max to the Max! In addition, one member of the “Pass the Hot Sauce” team changed the microphone with her cellphone camera and went live with Christy from Virtual Roswell Party in order to chat about the highlights of Roswell’s first season. Their chat is available on IGTV: IG Live w/ Christy

While the team is taking a well earned rest or they might be busy behind the scenes already for the second season, you can still catch Roswell related content on their socials. For example, they started “Roswell Maddness” on June 24, 2020. The podcast hosts are sharing their favorite moments of Season One facing off one on one until there is a winner. On day one, fans they had to decide for which Dreamer moment they want to vote. Max heals Liz or their first kiss?

A though decision had to be made on the second day, as well. Oh, let’s say it looks like it doesn’t get easier to place a vote. On day two, two wonderful Stargazer moments were up for competition.

Are you ready to vote?

If you’ve got a suggestion for a minisode topic, questions or thoughts you want to share with the team behind the Roswell talk please don’t hesitate to contact Pass the Hot Sauce on their social media accounts or via e-mail. You can find all information here:

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