Baron And Toluca

Action Items Dans Can Do To Spread Word

You bought a perk to support Majandra Delfino and Brendan Fehr’s Indiegogo campaign for “Baron And Toluca”? Now, you are wondering what you can do to help to spread word about the campaign? That’s amazing! There are 22 days left and sharing is caring. Tell your friends, spread to the world. Nomi created a list of action items Dans can do to spread the word. Please save the graphic below and be sure to share it on your social media handles. If you want to repost or retweet, please scroll down and find @RoswellBack’s original posts.

Action Items Dans Can Do To Spread Word on the Baron + Toluca Indiegogo

– Use these hashtags in your tweets: #EveryoneHasARole #BandTogether #BandT

– Take a picture of your B+T Merch, share on social media. Use Hashtag #WearAndShare

– Instagram (IG) posts offer more character space; use these Hashtags on IG posts: #BandT #BandTogether #EveryoneHasARole #MajandraDelfino #BrendanFehr #Roswell #syfy #series #campaign #sciencefiction #mystery #trailer #perks #socialmedia #indiegogo #indiegogocampaign

– Add the Indiegogo Link to your bio and profile of your Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts.

– Retweet tweets of others you see with the hashtag #BandT by going to your Twitter search box, this will help to create some buzz! RT’s generate more presence on twitter than “likes” so do both!

– Have conversations with other fans by “REPLYING” to tweets and add the hashtag #BandT to each reply and the Indiegogo link as well

– Encourage fans to partake in the raffle by contributing money to via PayPal and don’t forget to select “sending to a friend” when making your payment. One raffle entry is $5.

Don’t forget to give your family a hint about another perk you’d love to call your own, as well. Christmas is coming up and maybe it’s your birthday soon? Also, live the hashtag #WearAndShare and wear your B+T merch everywhere and let all those sci-fi lovers know about the project.

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