B+T Campaign – Final Six Days

Mark your calendars! The countdown to the final day of the B+T Indiegogo campaign started. Majandra Delfino and Brendan Fehr announced that they are going live on Facebook next Sunday. Be there on November 22nd at 3:30-7:30pm PST. (Click on the date in order to use the time and date converter for your time zone.)

The two actors also released an event schedule. There are going to be announcements, a Q&A, a Roswell rewatch, a trivia game, new perks will be released, there are going to be special guest(s) and much more. See their official message below.

A new perk will be added to the Indiegogo on Tuesday. Follow the official

Follow Brendan’s official Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/brendanfehrofficial/


The campaign is winding down and though we’ve reached our goal, there’s a lot more to do and to get. We’re well within reach of the 145K stretch goal: THE MYSTERY PRIZE! We need that last week push so let’s keep spreading the word and bringing more people to the B+T family.

Speaking of the B+T family, you’re all invited to the 4 hour FaceBook livestream with Brendan and Majandra. We have tons of things planned and don’t want you missing out on any of it. Check out the schedule(s) below and again, be sure to share them!

Looking forward to it all. EVERYONE HAS A ROLE.

Brendan and Majandra