Katherine Heigl

“Fear Of Rain” – VOD and Blu-ray/DVD Release

The psychological thriller “Fear Of Rain” with Katherine Heigl, Harry Connick Jr. and Madison Iseman has a release date. The movie is coming to video on demand, Blu-ray and DVD in February 2021.

“Loved, loved, loved working with such an amazing and wonderfully talented group of people on this film,” wrote Katherine Heigl on social-media. Please see her tweet below. Katherine also shared the trailer for the thriller.

The movie centers on Rain (Madison Iseman), a teenage girl living with schizophrenia who struggles with vivid and terrifying hallucinations as she begins to suspect her neighbor has kidnapped a child. Katherine Heigl and Harry Connick Jr. are playing her parents, who desperately try to help her live a normal life, without exposing their own tragic secrets, and the only person who believes her is Caleb – a boy she isn’t even sure exists.

“Fear Of Rain” hits video on demand on February 12. The Blu-ray/DVD is available to buy on February 16, 2021. Follow @FearOfRain on Twitter for news and updates on the film.