Roswell’s 20th Anniversary in Germany

Roswell first aired on October 6, 1999 in the U.S. Back then it took several years for TV shows to finally make it in front of an audience in different parts of the world. Roswell premiered on the free TV channel Pro7 in Germany on February 3, 2001.

Happy Anniversary!

You might say, ‘Wait, I saw it before on German TV,’ you are right. The television premiere of the show in Germany was on the pay-TV channel Sci-Fantasy on October 7, 2000, but most fans catched it in its free TV run for the first time.

In case you didn’t know. The characters speak perfect German. In many countries voice actors are providing their voices for movies and television in other foreign language versions. The dubbed versions are well made and very true to the original. But sometimes this causes certain variations in the translation of the show. Jokes are often adapted or there are name changes due to understanding or there are differences because of the uneven length of the languages. Sometimes small errors have slipped in or there are other mistakes or differences between the original and a dubbed version, too. If you notice something in any kind of language, please contact us. We have a category about that on and some new additions will be added soon.

Coming up next is the 20th Anniversary of Roswell in Portugal (February, 10, 2001). And these dates are following:
Japan May, 12 2001
Hungary June 1, 2001
Spain July 6, 2002

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Photo: The WB / ProSieben (A wallpaper fans could download from the ProSieben website.)