Fun Daily B+T Articles

Additions by Nomi
Edited by Tina

Fans find fun ways to show their appreciation. Have you heard of The Daily Dan?

The Daily Dan is a fictional post in newspaper style that focuses on totally made up or excessive details regarding incidents or events in the Baron And Toluca fandom. In other cases, the post is simply informative but above all else, promotes B+T!

Each daily post ends with a nomination to a fellow fan, who has 24 hours to come up with a new headline and story to post on Instagram. Those posts include such fun topics that fans can only feel happy and motivated for the day. An additional plus: The Daily Dan Issues always feature a hint to the still running campaign on Indiegogo which makes it not only a returning highlight of the day, but a promotion for funding the project.

Started by the Roswell fan Michelle, Nomi from RoswellBack helped with finding the perfect name for the daily posts.

Fellow Dan Michelle states “I was thinking about edit ideas for B+T because… always be promoting ya know. When working with black and white filters I was like… this image would be cool in a newspaper like the old Roswell crash headlines. So I made it and shared it with Nomi and asked what she thought about the idea of a dandom newspaper? Nomi said that is a great idea and suggested ‘The Daily Dan’ as the name.”

If you’d like to participate in The Daily Dan and you are not sure how, please head on over to Michelle‘s Instagram account.

“Send over a DM and we can connect you with an upcoming dan-reporter who is looking to tag someone to go next!,” wrote the dedicated Roswellian and B+T fan in a post.

Check out a few posts below and bookmark the hashtag #bandttdd if you don’t want to miss the latest edition. Please note that the posts might take a while to load. The Daily Dan Mini Magazine issue is the final post to find on this page. For more check out the hashtag mentioned above.

Should a post be missing until that date, please let us know.

The Daily Dan