Baron And TolucaBrendan FehrMajandra Delfino

B+T Day 2

Edited by Tina

Brendan Fehr gave an early morning update from the set of B+T. On day 2 of filming in New Mexico, he came Live on Instagram around 6 o’clock from a very special location: The UFO Museum!

The UFO Museum in Roswell was kind enough to let them film there. The actor and director tells that they have a big day ahead and that they are daylight dependent for scenes they are shooting.

It’s definitely a good hair day for Baron, but Brendan admits that his face needs to wake up a little bit.

Brendan also mentions the first day of the “Baron And Toluca“ production which was a “ton of fun“, a true throwback, a hard day for himself as a beginner director and a long day.

With the Indiegogo fundraiser, fans got the chance to be a big part of the making of B+T. With speaking roles and small roles in the background of a scene or set visits and helpers of the crew.

“We had a ton of dans come out and help us and it was incredible,“ says Brendan in the IG Live. He later thanks everyone again for making his and Majandra’s dream come true.

While filming this message, Brendan moves in the UFO Museum and suddenly stands in front of the “Roswell“ exhibition with photos from the cast and information about the show, which started it all back in 1999.