Baron And Toluca

Exclusive Clip from the B+T Pilot Reveals Shirtgate

Edited by Tina

With the launch of the official website for the B+T Paris event,, fans not only got a first look at the merchandise that will be sold in France but there will be exclusive perks as well. Also, as teased, one of them is an exclusive printed picture of Brendan and Majandra that might be an Easter Egg from the B+T pilot episode.

The revelation followed quickly… and the team of the Dans In Paris convention got another surprise ready!
They got their hands on an exclusive clip from the “Baron + Toluca” Pilot episode!

It indeed is a fabulous Easter Egg that is connected somehow to the original Roswell, but closes the circle from the spiritual successor to the new beginnings with B+T and the prediction that ‘Life Imitates Art’.

Please watch the reel below before we refresh your memory.

In the clip you can see Toluca in a Bordeaux colored shirt with a Yellow print that reads “Bulldog Hockey”. She has bare legs and turns away from her suitcase to the door, when Baron enters the motel room. Die-hard Candy Shippers from the original show will notice that in the real world, Brendan wore this t-shirt at the Roswell Wrap Party on March 13, 2000 and now, his former co-star and ex-girlfriend is wearing his exact shirt on their new show. For the Instagram Reel, the “Dans in Paris” Team fittingly picked the song “In This Shirt” by The Irrepressibles.

A picture from this event with Brendan and Majandra will be used as an exclusive autographed picture for the perk. You can attend the super special photo signing session on Saturday, 10th September after the premiere of the pilot episode of B+T. Send an Email to to book your spot or to order your photo online – they will ship them internationally after the event.

What’s included? Check the website and find out more.

Roswell fans, Candy Shippers in particular, can recall another shirtgate moment on the show. Can you recall?