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Brendan, Carly Pope, and “Degrassi High”

From “Jam! Showbiz”:

Parallel universes
Calgary Sun

Two of the hottest young stars on two of the hottest new teen shows grew up watching Degrassi.

Carly Pope and Brendan Fehr both left Vancouver to audition for WB’s sci-fi coming of age series Roswell.

Fehr got the part of Michael Guerin. Pope ended up landing the lead role on another WB series, Popular.

“Brendan and I are best friends. We came down together, then he moved in with me for while,” Pope says. “It’s so nice to know that we’re going through parallel situations so we can share.”

Fehr, B.C. born and Winnipeg raised, also made a few new friends.

“I’ve actually become close with people from That ’70s Show. I met Wilmer Valderrama at a couple of charities and stuff and he introdued me to Topher (Grace) and Mila (Kunis),” he says.

“Coming down here, you’re afraid of the Hollywood kids. They always want to go the bar, they want to do this and that. They weren’t interested in that.”

It seems this is far from a brat pack.

“We go bowling and go to diners and just sit there. We’re content to sit on a couch. That’s what my friends in Winnipeg are like and I was really concerned I wouldn’t find anyone like that.”

Leaving her friends and family in Vancouver hasn’t been easy for Pope.

“It’s just hard. I’m very close to family and friends. I’m down here physically but emotionally everything’s back there,” Pope says.