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Brendan Fehr Sizzles In Interview

This is an EXCLUSIVE interview for Crashdown that I conducted last night (Tuesday, January 11,2000) with Brendan.

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Note: I did the interview with a co-worker of mine, Cheryl just in case you see her name pop up in the interview. My tape recorder cut off the first part of his sentence…

Brendan Fehr Sizzles With UltimateTV
Conducted and Transcribed By Me.

The setting was the trendy hot spot “The Key Club” on Sunset Blvd for E! Online’s annual unveiling of their “Sizzling Sixteen” choices for 2000.

Brendan Fehr, currently starring on The WB’s hit drama “Roswell” spoke with UltimateTV about how it felt to be a Sizzler, his thoughts on his fans and even about “Crashdown”

UltimateTV: How does it feel to be named as one of “E! Online’s” Sizzling Sixteen?

Brendan Fehr: It feels good. You have anyone who can call you sizzling and you know, if they mean it. It could come from a seventy-five year old grandma or a six year kid, so you know, it feels nice regardless. It’s a compliment whether you deserve it or not.

UltimateTV: You’re in good company. Have you looked at or seen the rest of the list?

Brendan Fehr: I have not. I have seen a couple of the people but I haven’t seen them all. I was told I was in good company and ummm, you can’t help but be happy by being chosn no matter who the rest of the people are. It’s flattering, you know. It is.

UltimateTV: Are you looking forward to the party?

Brendan Fehr: Yeah. Well, see what it is. I like to just hang out. Generally there’re very low-key and can have a lot of fun and stuff like that but..

UltimateTV: You just made a pun you realize.. Low key For the Key Club..

Brendan Fehr: Laughs Yeah the Key Club. Yeah, but just that they’re low-key and you hang out and you meet new people. People you know know people that you would like to meet and it’s fun. You get to meet a lot of the people, that you watch on television that you don’t get a chance to or on the movies, and tell them that you appreciate it and just kind of get to know them. It’s always nice to meet new people regardless.

UltimateTV: Is there anyone in spcific you’re looking forward to seeing that you admire?

Brendan Fehr: pauses Ummm…no one off the top of my head but it’s funny, you watch television and you know a certain person or a certain movie that you know a person’s on and you don’t really care for him or her that much. And you get to one of these parties and you happen to bump into him or her and they turn out to be really, really nice people and you like appreciate what they do so much more. It’s really kind of a funny thing. A character can really throw the general population off about who they are as a person. You’re like,”I hate that guy” and you meet them and you’re like “You were so nice though. Why did I hate him?”

UltimateTV: jumping in You’re a good actor..

Brendan Fehr: Yeah. It’s like the character that does it, so…

UltimateTV: What about all your fan response to your character? I know that you visit our Message Board… (Crashdown of course…)

Brendan Fehr: Yeah. I do. It’s absolutely amazing. You know, I’ve got these fans that call themselves “The Fehrians” and it’s really…something else. You just don’t. I don’t know, you just don’t think what…You never imagine something like that happening. It’s really, really, you’re really appreciative of that. It’s like an affirmation that you’re doing a good job and people are appreciating what you are doing. And you know, that’s good because sometimes you do a good job and people don’t acknowledge you, you know? And it kind of gets you down a little bit but it doesn’t mean you’re not doing a good job. Yeah, it’s really nice when people do give you a pat on the back and my fans are like..they’re great. They’re crazy. They post on the board all the time..

UltimateTV: Any message for them?

I gave him the pleading eyes..

Brendan Fehr: Oh alright. Yeah. Tell them that I say hi to them all and there’s a couple on Mary Van Der Beek and Paceysgal and Queen Mab..I don’t want to miss anyone but those are the ones that stick out. They’re the ones that are like right there with me. It’s funny.

Mandy Note: Cheryl had no idea what we were talking about so I told her I’d show her the board sometime soon

UltimateTV: The board’s crazy.

Brendan Fehr: Yeah, the board’s *really* crazy. But they’re intelligent, it’s not like they’re trashy. They know what they are talking about. You know, they get a little excited sometimes..

Brendan Fehr: In a High-pitched voice Like “Oh he’s so cute” But at the same time, they’re really intelligent about the show when it’s brought up. They know what the show is about. They got their opinions on it and generally, they’re very intelligent. I’m happy about that.

UltimateTV: Your posts sent off a flurry of activity and responses..

Brendan Fehr: Yeah. Yeah. Which is great because I didn’t think that would happen.

UltimateTV: Yeah, they’re waiting for your next post.

Brendan Fehr: Are they? I don’t have a computer down here. I had easy access to one when I was in Winnipeg. But I’m always looking out at it and Jim’s (Mr. Manager) been letting me know what’s been going on so..

UltimateTV: I saw that you were on the news last night…

Brendan Fehr: Yeah, I didn’t know I was going to be on the news last night.

UltimateTV: You did well.

Brendan Fehr: I did? Thank you very much.

Brendan left with the guests he brought to the party after shaking my cold freezing hand