Meet the Cast of Roswell

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Teen Beat� Feb 2000 – Meet the Cast of Roswell, pp. 34-35 �
(Cover says “Meet Roswell’s Jason Behr!”)

One of the things that got us really excited this year was the creation of Roswell, the WB’s newest teen hit. In addition to a great story, we just can’t get enough of the fantastic cast. (Specifically, Jason Behr’s brooding, sad eyes!) If you’re as hooked on the show as we are, then we’d like to introduce you to Shiri Appleby, Jason Behr, Brendan Fehr and Katherine Heigl (a.k.a., Liz, Max, Michael and Isabel). And don�t forget to enter our contest!

Shiri Appleby
“Liz Parker”

Shiri’s been interested in acting since she was four years old. She got her start in �da biz� by doing commercials but has appeared in shows such as ER, Xena: Warrior Princess and most recently, on the WB�s 7th Heaven. (Did you see her playing a gang member in trouble?) Instead of taking the route that most WB actors do, which is to appear on TV and then get into movies, Shiri�s done movies already! She was in I Love You to Death, a dark comedy with Tracy Ullman and Kevin Kline. Shiri was born December 7th and grew up in the San Fernando Valley, which is just outside of Los Angeles (a good place to be if you want to be an actress!) She was attending the University of Southern California before she got the role on Roswell, but she�s adamant about finishing her degree in English, �cause education is really important to Shiri!

Jason Behr
“Max Evans”

If you’re a big fan of the WB, then you’ve seen Jason’s face before! He’s appeared on Dawson’s Creek (a whole six episodes, playing the not-so-nice role of Chris Wolfe), Buffy The Vampire Slayer, and like
castmate Shiri Appleby, he’s appeared on 7th Heaven too. A native of Minnesota born on December 30th, Jason became interested in acting at age five when he appeared in his first play, and he continued acting all through his school years. After he graduated from high school, Jason relocated to Los Angeles and his career took off! You’ve also seen Jason on the silver screen if you saw last year�s Pleasantville and he starred in the independent film, Rites of Passage, co-starring Dean Stockwell. The film made its debut at the prestigious 1999 Palm Springs Film Festival. Seems like the sky’s the limit for Jason! (OK, bad alien pun. Sorry!)

Katherine Heigl
“Isabel Evans”

Katherine is the acting heavyweight among the group�she�s been in eight (count �em, eight!) movies including That Night (with Juliette Lewis), My Father The Hero (with Gerard Depardieu), The Bride of Chucky (the fourth installment of the Child�s Play series), and Under Siege 2 (with Steven Segal). Whew! Not too shabby for someone who�s only 20 years old! Katherine was born in Washington, DC on November 24th and started her career as a child model at age 9. She grew up in New Canaan, Connecticut and despite a busy film career during her teens, always loved returning to her happy New England home. Like castmate Jason Behr, Katherine moved out to Los Angeles after graduating high school to pursue acting full time�and it�s a good thing she did!

Brendan Fehr
“Michael Guerin”

Brendan Fehr and Joshua Jackson have quite a bit in common. Brendan is a native of British Columbia, Canada, just like Josh, and they both have a love of acting and hockey! Brendan is a rare bird in
Hollywood�why do we say that? Because he had a normal childhood, got his first acting gig only two years ago, and his childhood dream was to be an accountant! As a teen, he got into modeling which led to a guest-starring role on Breaker High. Since then he�s guest-starred on Millennium and appeared in the TV movie Our Guys, with Eric Stoltz and Ally Sheedy. On the big screen, Brendan appeared with Katie Holmes in Disturbing Behavior and Devon Sawa in the upcoming Flight 180.

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