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Colin Hanks as Anakin?

Thanks to RockyBeach for sending this in! The current online version of Tv Guide has an interview with Once and Again’s Shane West. You can read the complete artilce there. He mentioned this tidbit though:

“For those keeping a list of who isn’t going to be playing the coveted role of Anakin Skywalker in the next Star Wars prequel, you can count out Once and Again cutie Shane West. “I’m pretty positive I’m not doing it,” he tells TV Guide Online.

“I met with the casting director (Robin Gurland) and just to show you how it was, I was waiting outside to meet with her and someone was in with her and the door opens and the guy comes out and it’s [Whatever It Takes co-star] Colin Hanks. It was, like, ‘Great! Up against each other again!’ “