Bad Boys We Love – Brendan Fehr

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Bad Boys We Love – Brendan Fehr

TV Guide Ultimate Cable – Apr.29.2000

He plays an alien on TV, but Brendan Fehr claims he’s one in real life, too – just not of the little-green-men variety. “I’m Canadian,” jokes the 22-year-old actor. On WB’s Roswell, he plays Michael Guerin, one of the three survivors of a spaceship crash.

Fehr won the role of the hotheaded and impulsive space invader only two years after making his TV debut on UPN’s Breaker High (which was followed by a recurring role on Fox’s Millennium and a bit part in the teen thriller Disturbing Behavior). This summer, the actor treks north of the border to film “Take My Life Please” in Vancouver. In the dramedy, which stars Selma Blair, Fehr plays a country bumpkin who falls in love with a stripper.

Which begs the question: Are there any ladies in his off-screen life?
“You can write, ‘No comment – wink, wink,'” he says. Apparently, the truth is out there.

Do you get to act out your fantasies of being a bad boy by playing Michael? “I’m playing a character who doesn’t hold back. I get to say a lot of stuff and generally freak out on people. That’s why everybody loves De Niro and Pacino, because they get to say things that people just dream of saying but never have the balls to.”

Are you like him at all?
“I smile a lot more. I’m a lot more funny, more enjoyable to be around – most of the time, anyway. Michael is often aloof with his girlfriend, Maria.

What kind of boyfriend are you?
“I’m kind of in my own little world a lot of the time, and its not that I don’t care, it’s just that that’s the way it works with me. I guess I would get accused of not being attentive enough, but I am – just in my own way!” (Laughs)

That doesn’t sound all that different from Michael.
“What do I do different? You’d have to ask my ex-girlfriends. They’d probably all say I wasn’t that great, considering they’re my ex-girlfriends. I enjoy going out for dinner and hanging around the city, just doing meaningless trivial stuff, whereas the last place Michael would want to go would be to the mall.”

What advice would you give to women addicted to bad boys?
“Let him walk down his own path without you trying to change its direction. He wouldn’t forget about you – eventually he’ll ask you to walk beside him – but its going to be a process.”

If you acted like Michael around your family, what would they do?
“I would get a serious talking to. They would not be impressed.”