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Majandra Hits it Big in Heavy Traffic

Thanks to Cogency for sharing this article he wrote.

(I wrote this story after talking to Majandra’s agent Chris Schmidt recently in Beverly Hills and checking out details about her new movie, Traffic – James Finch)


Beverly Hills, CA….Upon being cast for Traffic, a big budget Steven Soderbergh film about the drug trade starring Harrison Ford, Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones, Majandra hits the big time with at least 3 A-list actors to help her get noticed
even more in the bigger playing field of big studio projects and high grade indies. Information on this movie is available from http://www.UpComingMovies.com/traffic.html

Her first three films were independents and fairly low budget, most of which ended up released straight to video. Having a team of an agent, manager and a publicist bolstering her career, Majandra has stepped into the playing field full bore.

Majandra’s agent in Beverly Hills specifically told me Majandra will not consider film projects unless they are fully funded and only then would she read a script, schedule
permitting. Juggling a singing career, a small screen career and now a big screen career may leave little free time for herself, but Majandra is well on her way to world stardom after only 3 years as a professional actor.

More news on Majandra is available from the Ave Majandra site.


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