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AOL LIVE: >> I ahear you.
AOL LIVE: Jason: apparently some people
AOL LIVE: have been — some people have
AOL LIVE: been sending individual packets,
AOL LIVE: but it’s been — the support for
AOL LIVE: the show from the viewers has
AOL LIVE: been tremendously overwhelming
AOL LIVE: and — and — everyone at the
AOL LIVE: show is very grateful for it.

Host: if there is one thing you can change about yourself, what would it be? And what nationality are you?

Jason: boy oh boy. Well, I — what I would change about myself? I think that — I don’t have an answer for that one. I think that everyone is flawed and, I think that sometimes the best things about somebody is their flaws. Otherwise if everyone is perfect, it would be kind of boring So I don’t have an answer for that one. As far as — what was the other part that of question?

Host: what nationality?

Jason: wow. I’m a lot of different things. I’m like a Heinz 57.

Host: so you’re American. That’s kind of what defines an American.

Jason: absolutely.

Host: how did you get the part as Max Evans for “Roswell”? >> Well, I read the script for “Roswell” when I was in North Carolina working on “Dawson’s Creek.” And I was having a great time there with everybody on the cast and the crew. And it was just one of those stories that you — I was immediately drawn to, immediately affected by. And I just wanted to be a part of it.

Host: what aspect of the story was it that you liked? Was it the alien aspect, the romance?

Jason: I think it was everything. The script was rich with metaphor and irony that kept it a little light, but it was also very honest about relationship and about emotion and just — it was one of those things that had a bunch of different elements and a good story. It was very hard to say no to something like that. Themes like teen alienation and the search for self and your place in the world, I think that everybody can kind of associate with.

Host: right. Hi, Jason. I just want to say that you do an incredible job on “Roswell” every week, and I’m curious as to what your favorite scene has been during season one?

Jason: boy, I think my favorite scene on the show thus far has been — everybody on the show is just great. Everyone has their own unique quirks and personalities and it’s just — I’ve been really lucky with the people that I’ve been working with, especially on “Roswell.” But my favorite scene so far I think would probably have to be — God, Katherine Heigl, she breaks my heart. She’s a wonderful actress. And there was a scene in “The Toy house” whether we were discussing whether or not to tell our mother to get her to try to help us because we were sort of stuck between disclosing the truth or asking her to stop asking questions. And there’s a scene at the end where I had to tell her that I couldn’t, and it was just — it was just one of those things when you’re doing a scene, it just felt very real.

Host: yeah, that’s cool. I mean S. that what you look for to forget that you’re acting and just be in the moment? I mean, is that what —

Jason: Yeah, I think all the rest of the technical aspects of it, you learn along the way. But if you’re not there and you’re not feeling what you’re supposed to be feeling, you’re just kind of fabricating that, people see it. I mean there are certain tricks that actors use to make themselves appear to feel a certain way, but most of the people out there watching are a little more intelligent than that. And the camera picks that up. So if you’re not really there and you’re not really feeling it, it’s just kind of fake.

Host: You said everyone has their own little quirks, personality. Out of the whole cast of “Roswell,” who are you mostly close to, love grace?

Jason: I’m glad your name isn’t that and it’s Grace. Everybody on the show has been — again, they’re a unique group of individuals. a way that is just special. Everybody is great to work with. And we all have fun when we should. Sometimes we mess around a little more than we should, and should probably remain a little more focused. But for the most part we just have a good time when we’re supposed to, on and off. The screen.

Host: What is going to happen with you and Liz? Any hints, please, please, pretty please?

Jason: I’m not exactly sure what’s going to happen with Liz. We’ve been exploring that relationship for, like, the first part of the year basically just trying to — any relationship you get into is complicated, especially that of what you think is supposed to be that true love, that one special person.

Host: Right.

Jason: And we’ve been slowly but surley allowing them to get closer and closer and closer. But just — it’s like Murphy’s Law. When things start to get just at that moment of being perfect, something is going to happen. I don’t know exactly what that is. But right now Liz and Max are very, very close and very much happy together, regardless of the circumstances they’re in.

Host: How far ahead do you know? I mean, do the producers, do they talk to you about, you know, your overall story arc? Or does it surprise you as it surprises viewers?

Jason: It certainly surprises me. Sometimes you read a script and — and, what the hell’s that about? But I think that’s the nice thing about it is that the writers don’t really divulge too much information to you because I think the whole story about “Roswell” is that — is that moment of discovery and as we discover as a cast and when we’re reading the scripts, we — if we have any idea of what is in store for the future, we might be foreshadowing without even knowing it. So they allow us certain information but a lot is withheld because of that.

Host: Sunspot says what is tonight’s “Roswell” about?

Jason: Tonight’s episode is called “lies and videotape” and this girl sets off red flags to everybody. Everybody new in their lives is considered a danger, is considered different and, therefore, everyone is paranoid just about everyone. So we suspect her to be a government spy. And she has — Max is sort of — he’s oddly drawn to her in a way that he shouldn’t be because he’s supposed to be completely in love with Liz. And he thinks that it has something to do with that she could be an F.B.I. spy, and so the whole episode tonight is about trying to discover information about her without letting on that we’re actually looking because it’s pretty dangerous the way that they’ve built up this F.B.I. special unit, how — how elite they are and how dangerous they are and that killing somebody is not really beyond their means. I mean, they — they’ve been not too nice to a lot of people.

Host: So the risks are high?

Jason: Yes.

Host: Grace is back. I’ll just call her Grace. What was the craziest thing a fan ever did to get your attention?

Jason: I don’t have anything for that one either. The people for the most part have been just very gracious and very kind and there hasn’t been any incident that I can recall that has been anything that crosses lines. Everyone has been very respectful and incredibly just gracious is the best word I can use. They don’t have to do this kind of stuff. I mean, you guys don’t have to do this kind of stuff, and I know that I myself am very thankful for it and I know that everyone at “Roswell” and all the support that we’ve gotten, everyone is just very, very thankful.

Host: Do you get stopped on the street by your fans?

Jason: I’ve been working for, like, the past nine months. So I really haven’t had an opportunity to go out and do much of anything else. But when they do stop and say something, it’s just very — it’s very nice and they don’t try to draw too much attention. So far I haven’t had a bad experience.

Host: That’s great. That’s good. Luna says who is your biggest role model?

Jason: My biggest role model? Definitely have to be my mother. She — she was incredibly supportful of me. In pursuing this and in doing this. Never — never pushed me to do anything that I didn’t want to do, just always said whatever you want to do, Jason. If that makes you happy, then go for it. I believe in you. She taught me a lot in my life.

Host: That’s good. That’s lucky. I know a lot of actors have trouble with their parents sometimes getting into the business because it is such a risky business. So that’s lucky. That’s a good thing to have.

Jason: I feel very lucky.

Host: Pam says what is the one place on the planet that you would like to visit or see?

Jason: Place I’d like to see? I would love to go to — to Europe. I haven’t been — the only place that I’ve really been outside the United States is Cancun. And that was for a senior trip of mine. And so I really — I haven’t had outside the United States. So I’d love to go to Europe. I’d love to go to Italy and Greece and England, France, ireland, Scotland. I’d love to take the opportunity to go over there and just experience that culture because there’s so much history there. And pretty good food, too.

Host: Maybe the show — you know, the F.B.I. will chase you guys across the world.

Jason: We take it on the road. That wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Host: You could work and get your fraffling done at the same time. Star says, Jason, do you have any secret crushes on movie stars?

Jason: I was always a huge fan of Audrey Hepburn. I had the biggest crush on her when I was a kid. Just class. Elegant, graceful. Yeah.

Host: Yeah, she was great. Angel says, hi, Jason. I love the show. I was wondering what you like to do in your free time? If you have any.

Jason: We just wrapped the show about three days ago, so I really haven’t had much free time before that because — you can break the season up into three parts. The beginning part of the season was kind of getting to know the characters and how they relate to each other and as those relationships involve those changes, they’ve kind of paired off the characters. And then the second part was trying to find out what we do from there with moving the show forward. In the last six shows we have in the series, this first season, everything moves, everything changes, everything is constantly evolving. All this information that they’ve gathered about themselves and what they’ve thought to be true ends up not being what they really thought. And so we’ve been putting a lot of hard work in the last six episodes of the show. So I haven’t had a lot of free time. But when I do get free time, I enjoy spending time with my family a lot. And watching movies. I have a lot of movies to catch up on. I possibly can. And I love watching them. The Lakers and the Timberwolves, a big fan. So that’s what I mostly do with my free time.

Host: Cool. Was it hard making the transition from “Dawson’s Creek” to “Roswell”? Because on “Dawson’s Creek” you were more of a mean character.

Jason: That’s very nice. Mean is probably the nicest way to put it. Chris Wolfe, the character I played on “Dawson’s Creek” was like an unapoll jet cli fun character. He really didn’t have any responsibilities, and he didn’t care about stepping on anybody’s toes. He just wanted to have a good time and enjoy himself. So he didn’t really care too much about the consequences of his actions. On “Roswell,” Max is kind of the polar opposite of that. He’s sort of the an — antithesis to Chris Wolfe. Everything he does has consequences. I just have to get in the mindset that everyone is watching, everybody knows what you’re doing and to make a move and to do anything in his life, he really has to think things out, which is — it’s kind of sad in a way to live your life like. That but that’s the only choice you have.

Host: Is it more fun to play someone with more abandon?

Jason: Sometimes. Sometimes yes. Sometimes yes. But there’s a limit to that because a character like that — on “Dawson’s Creek,” he was sort of limited to his character development. He couldn’t change into the good guy. He couldn’t realize he was making the wrong choices, because if he did, as soon as he did that he wouldn’t be Chris Wolfe, the wild guy. But I had a great time. He was a fun character to play. But I didn’t see much longevity in him. But with Max, I mean, he’s just kind of coming out of his shell a little bit and being able to spread his wings.

Host: Lots of potential there.

Jason: There’s a lot of potential there.

Host: How old were you when you first started acting?

Jason: I was 5 years old. I did a Season’s Greeting for a local station in Minneapolis. And I remember distinctly thinking that a guy who was — who was driving a coach, a coach and buggy, it was a season’s greeting affiliate tag for one of the stations. And the guy was driving the buggy looked like Abraham Lincoln. And I think at that time when I was 5 years old I knew that Abraham Lincoln was a president we had, but I didn’t know he was dead. I thought how did they get him to drive this buggy this so that was my first acting job.

Host: Did you continue after that? Was it something you wanted to do since that time?

Jason: Yeah. Absolutely. Absolutely. I got out of school. They gave me McDonald’s happy meals, and I thought this is the life. So I think that was what first bit me. But since then I was doing some theater and some commercials and stuff and I moved out here after high school and that’s when I really pursued it.

Host: Mandy would like to know, I noticed the Gopher hat. Still clinging to your Minnesota roots?

Jason: Yeah, yeah. Thank you, Mandy. Most people ask me if it means Michigan or Mickey mouse. Yeah, I’ve had it for a while. I go back to Minnesota as much as I possibly can. Lately it’s been less, but usually twice a year. It’s a beautiful city. It’s something that eventually I’d love to have a place back there.

Host: Do you like Los Angeles?

Jason: I love Los Angeles. Los Angeles is, culturally it’s open. There’s so much here to learn, so much to experience. And you can go and do anything you want. I mean, one morning you can go surfing. You can wake up the next morning and drive to the mountains and go skiing or snowboarding. You can go hiking or fishing or you can go to one of the clubs on the strip. You can do just about anything you want here. So I absolutely love it out here.

Host: A real “Roswell” well says will you and/or the others in the cast ever come to visit the real Roswell, New Mexico. By the way, you are all incredible and the show rocks.

Jason: Thank you very much. Thank you. In the beginning we thought that we might want to go travel, take like a class trip and all —

Host: Research trip.

Jason: Yeah. And all go down to Roswell and check it out. But things just happened to fast, we’re never really allowed to. So I’m not sure if it — it will be a wonderful, interesting experience to go down there now. of stuff in Roswell is, like, that in reality. Apparently they have a lot of the little U.F.O. centers.

Host: Do you guys get contacted by people from Roswell? I mean, do you get a lot of fan letters from people from there?

Jason: I’ve gotten a few. I’ve gotten a few from Roswell. But everything’s been really nice, all the stuff that I get.

Host: Do you get contacted by aliens? Do they send you fan letters?

Jason: Not that I know of.

Host: Which leads me to the next question here. Do you believe and I’m sure you’ve been asked this before, do you believe in aliens?

Jason: I have been asked that before, a couple times. But I don’t know. You know, scientists say that it’s mathematically impossible for us to be the only ones out there, and when you look up there, it’s a pretty big space. And you have the sense of feeling really, really small with all that out there. But I don’t think anyone’s really going to truly believe until it’s sitting right in front of you. And talking to you. Because no one really wants to believe something like that until — well, I shouldn’t say no one, but most of the people out there are not going to really accept it until it’s actual, tangible proof. And I think that that day could come in the next 10 years. And talking to you. Because no one really wants to believe something like that until — well, I shouldn’t say no one, but most of the people out there are not going to really accept it until it’s actual, tangible proof. And I think that that day could come in the next 10 years. It could come in the next 200 years. It may never come at all. But until that time it’s just pure speculation.

Host: Jody wants to know, hey, Jason. I’m dying to know, how ever been victim to a practical joke or been part of a practical joke on the set? Who is the biggest goof on the set? Love you.

Jason: Well, Jody, I think everyone has fallen victim to some sort of practical joke in their life. On the set of “Roswell,” we have a few goofoffs.

Host: And are you one of them?

Jason: I think everybody has a good time. Everybody has a good time on the set. could probably say right now happened. There are some alleged things, but for the most part it’s just — it’s just noises and bodily functions. Sometimes people have a tendency to do that. But usually it’s a camera operator — Max, if you’re out there, I’m sorry. Not the camera operator, but one of the camera assistants had a penchant for flat lation. And it wasn’t so much a practical joke but a daily occurrence. We sort of learned to live with.

Host: So at first it was funny and it just became —

Jason: Yeah.

Host: We love you here in Australia. Do you ever plan to visit Australia to promote “Roswell”?

Jason: Thank you very much. Thank you. Australia. The girl who plays Tess is actually from Australia. And we have one of our crew ladies is from Australia, and they were both telling me that I the country. And at some point I would love to come down there, if they would have me, you know, to promote the show or just to take a vacation.

Host: Sounds like they would have you. Jason, ever coming back to North Carolina for a reunion on “Dawson’s Creek”? I live here and would love to see you.

Jason: I tried three times this year to get down there. One of the directors who was on “Dawson’s Creek” I became really good friends with and he came over and directed a few of the “Roswell” episodes. And we were trying to schedule a surprise visit, but nothing ever worked out. It was just kind of like, you know, we’re working so much and to get us to North Carolina from Los Angeles, you have to take a plane to New York and then — I’m sorry, a plane to Charlotte and then you have to take a smaller plane to North Carolina to Wilmington. Or you can go to New York and then go back. Most of the time I stop in Charlotte. But it takes all day to get there. So if I were to get off work on a Friday night early enough, I’d get there on a Saturday night, I’d have to leave Sunday to be to work on Monday, so it never really worked out. But one of these days.

Host: Pop singer 910 says hey, Jason, my name is Leslie. I heard that Howie of the Backstreet Boys is going to be a guest star, is that true? And when is the season finale?

Jason: I guess you’ll have to tune in to find out. The season finale, I don’t even know exactly what the date is on that. I know that tonight is Tess, lies and videotape. Then after that we have four square. Max to the Max. The white room and then the finale. So in about six weeks you’ll have to watch — yeah. It’s been rumored that that might happen.

Host: Love Jason, it says are you doing any movies soon? I heard about one that should be coming out soon, thanks.

Jason: Right now, we just wrapped, like I said, we just wrapped, and I’ve been reading scripts trying to find just the right one. To work on over the summer. Because we only have three months between seasons. And I’ve read a few scripts out there and some of it is very interesting. I’m just trying to find the right one that I feel that’s the one I want to do, that eat one I really can have a good time on.

Host: Well, that was our last question. Thank you so much for coming. A pleasure to have you here.

Jason: Thank you.

Host: Good luck on your break. Hope you find that script and get some rest. We’d love to have you back.

Jason: Absolutely.

Host: Thank you all for joining us here. I’m your host Matt Wagner. See you next time on America MrLiveGuy: Thanks for all of your great questions for Jason Behr! MrLiveGuy: Be sure to catch Roswell! MrLiveGuy: Take care and have a great evening! Online

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