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Gist TV – 5 Questions With Majandra Delfino

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Five Questions With… Roswell’s Majandra Delfino
By Christine Champagne

So, how will Roswell star Majandra Delfino spend her summer vacation? For at least part of it, the 19-year-old Miami native will be on the set of Traffic, which stars Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones and centers on the drug trade. (Delfino will play the friend of Douglas’ onscreen daughter.) While Delfino is excited about working with high-profile movie stars, she is also eager to continue working with Brendan Fehr and her other castmates on Roswell. At the time of this interview, however, the fate of the show, which wraps up its first season on Monday, May 15 (WB, 9 to 10 p.m. ET), was still up in the air.

You play an ordinary human on the show. Do you ever wish you’d been cast as one of the aliens?

“No. It’s cool to play an alien because they get to have powers. But I kind of like playing a human because we’re kind of seen as the enemy, and we have to explain to them that they can trust us. I like having that role — that walking on thin ice, in a sense.”

Everybody is always commenting on how your co-star Brendan Fehr looks like David Duchovny of The X-Files. Do people ever say that you resemble a famous person?

“Not now. But when I was little, I had this long blond hair and really big lips, and everybody used to say I was going to grow up and look just like Bridget Bardot. I had no idea who this woman was, and my mother was this French model-actress and very beautiful. And then two years ago, I still didn’t know what she looked like, and I was in a bookstore, and I was like, ‘Mom, will you show me [a picture of Bridget Bardot]?’ And my mom gets this book and whips this picture out of Bridget Bardot lying in the sand half-naked, and I started crying in the middle of the store. To me, she looked like Pamela Anderson…. Then, I finally got to see normal pictures of Bridget Bardot, and I was like, ‘Oh, that is a compliment.’ But at first I was like, ‘Oh no!’ ”

Have you had any weird encounters with fans of your show?

“I attract a lot of adults: I’m talking about people in their 60s, and you’re like, ‘This is kind of weird.’ And I also get boys that are really overt about their fantasies. And I just went to a Fiona Apple concert, and there was this girl who was like, ‘Can I take your picture?’ It was very strange. Fiona was onstage singing. And I was like, ‘Do you mind if we wait?’ And she just followed me around.”

What is the best perk of fame?

“The free stuff. Puma and Adidas give us stuff because we use their stuff all the time on the show. There is so much Puma and Adidas action on the show it’s not even funny. So sometimes they’ll give us shoes. I love that. It happens to be that I love Puma and Adidas both.”

It’s still up in the air whether Roswell will be renewed for a second season. What have Roswell fans been doing to save the show?

“They sent 3,000 bottles of Tabasco sauce to the network. And then these
kids in New York got these tiny little bottles of Tabasco sauce, printed [on them] that Roswell was moving to Monday nights, and handed them out on the streets of New York. It’s the coolest thing in the world, just to think they got up in the morning and stood out there the whole day passing out these bottles to help the show.”