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Majandra in Miami – A crashdown experience

Thanks to Miri for writing this up, and sending in her pictures.


On Sunday, May 8, 2000, about 400 fans convened at Dadeland Mall in South Florida. Excitement rippled through the air as we waited. Most giggled nervously in the anticipation, while others introduced themselves to new faces, faces that had only been words on a screen previously. These people were regular posters at, all familiar with each others personalties, but meeting in person for the first time. Beyond that wonderful aspect of the afternoon, these fans were gathered to meet Majandra Delfino, the actress that plays Maria DeLuca on Roswell.

While waiting in line, the 400 or so fans found things with which to amuse themselves. The newly introduced Crashdown members talked about posting on the Roswell board, the impending renewal decision, and general facts about the show. A few minutes before Majandra was scheduled to appear, a spokesperson from the WB39 (local station in Miami) held a trivia game and handed out prizes. Our very own Icicle (Pamela), won a glossy headshot of Majandra for answering a question correctly.

Finally, the wait was over. With one last announcement from the WB guy, a reminder to stay for the raffle after the signing, Majandra appeared. It was surreal. To see this person that you’ve been watching on television for so long just walking right by you. Amazing. The ease and grace with which she composed herself nearly hid her nervousness. The poor girl looked overwhelmed when she first came out. Understandably, as there were hundreds of excited fans waiting just for her. It took a few minutes, but Majandra did seem to relax.


Standing about 5 feet away from her, waiting for my turn to meet Majandra, I chatted a bit more with my newfound friends. The other Fanforum members and I thought it would be nice if we could all take a picture with Majandra. We were told we would have to wait until everyone had had a chance to meet her, but the wait was worth it. In the meantime, the board members and I had someone snap a shot of us, including my best friend and frequent lurker on Fanforum, Erica. And then it was my turn to greet “Maria”.

She was very gracious and answered my questions politely. She signed a card for me, spelling my name right. That was definitely a plus. I wanted to have a picture taken with Majandra, but the security guard informed us that it would take too much time, so Erica quickly snapped a picture with me standing in front of Majandra’s table. The Fanforum posters and I stood off to the side waiting for the group photo.


During this time, Majandra’s aunt arrived, along with her young cousin. One of the girls assumed that the woman was Majandra’s mother, but we were informed that her mother would be arriving shortly. As soon as she did show up, she took the time to converse with me and the other Crashdown fans. Majandra’s mother was one of the sweetest, most lovely people I’ve met. While I knew that Majandra and I had lived in the same city, I had no idea how close we had lived to each other. Her mother told us that the Delfino’s used to reside 10 minutes from me. Majandra and I even went to the same school for a very short period of time.

The long line of eager fans winded down about an hour and a half into the signing. Icicle won a Roswell bag in the raffle, adding on to the glossy she’d acquired earlier. When every last person had received an autograph, of which Majandra had made sure, the Fanforum group including myself, climbed up behind the table with Majandra and took a cute group photo. It was a wonderful day for us all, and meeting the board members was very nice. Next up is the Fanforum Party in August. We’ll see you in LA!

– Miri



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