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Transcript of Jason On CNN Showbiz Today

Got this off of the CNN site – the transcript that is and the screencaps come courtesy of Chaz. If you missed it, I believe CNN Showbiz Today repeats every night at midnight.

SYDNEY: Still to come, Jason Behr is out of this world in the WB’s “Roswell.” And this sumo wrestler has found a new career making music.


MORET: Jason Behr stars in the WB show “Roswell” as a tabasco- swigging teen alien, and when loyal fans found out the show might be canceled, they sent good bottles — or 6,000 bottles of tabasco sauce to the network to make their point, and their point was heard.

Lori Blackman met up with SHOWBIZ TODAY’s star of tomorrow two weeks ago, while he was in the Big Apple making the big announcement.


LORI BLACKMAN, CNN CORRESPONDENT (on camera): We’re here in New York City by the fountain in Central Park on a beautiful day, a very wonderful day for you, I am sure, the day after it was announced that “Roswell” is being picked up for 13 episodes next season.

JASON BEHR, ACTOR: Yes, we’re coming back for another season.

BLACKMAN: How are you feeling?

BEHR: It feels great. It feels wonderful. I mean, we still have a lot more story to tell. There is still a lot left to where we can go with the three aliens and the relationship.


BEHR: The three of us, no matter what we may discover about ourselves, we were raised human.


BEHR: In the end, we find out that the three aliens have a much bigger responsibility than they ever really thought. If the first season was the exploration of their human side, the second season is going to be the exploration and discovery of their alien side and the mythology of why they are here.

(BEGIN VIDEO CLIP, “ROSWELL”) UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR: Show me what you really look like.

BEHR: What I really look like?


BLACKMAN: Before “Roswell” even, you did a number of — you were the WB guy, you did a number of WB shows.

BEHR: The WB has been very, very nice to me. I think I was on “7th Heaven,” “Buffy,” “Dawson’s Creek.” I was just waiting for “Felicity” to kick in somewhere down the line when “Roswell” came. I moved out there five years ago, or out to Los Angeles five years ago.

BLACKMAN: You left Minnesota, your mother and your four siblings?

BEHR: Minnesota. Yes.

BLACKMAN: And came out to L.A. with $200 in your pocket?

BEHR: God, where do you find this information at?

BLACKMAN: I do my research.

BEHR: I think I said that like once. I let it slip out.

BLACKMAN: Were you an actor growing up? Was that something that you pursued?

BEHR: Yes, I was doing a lot of theater when I was a kid. I was acting a fool a lot, too. I think that my mom put me into theater just to channel some of that energy, because I was running around like a little wild man at the age of 5.

BLACKMAN: Do you believe in aliens?

BEHR: If you sit and you look at a map of the galaxy and the universe, you feel really small. You feel like there has to be something else out there — I mean, at least you hope. The idea of us being the only ones I think is rather sad.

I just want to tell a really interesting story and work with really interesting people, that’s all that really matters.

BLACKMAN: Lori Blackman, CNN Entertainment News, New York.