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Thanks to teddybehr for sending this in! Fandamonium (at teenmag.com) is taking questions for Shiri!

Shiri Appleby

Her much beloved (well, by us anyway) TV show “Roswell”just got renewed for a second season (YAY!), she’s filming a movie called “A Time for Dancing” with hotties Shane West and Scott Vickaryous and she was recently a TEEN magazine cover girl!

Sheesh…things are certainly going well for 19 year-old Shiri Appleby — especially when you stop to consider that this time last year no one had ever even really heard of her!

Her days of anonymity are long gone of course (how can you help but love her endearing “Roswell” character Liz?) and now, through the auspices of teenmag.com’s FANdomonium…you can ask Shiri anything!

What’s life like on the “Roswell” set? Is it fun working with Jason Behr and Brendan Fehr? Was appearing on Animal Planet’s “Emergency Vets” (as part of her TEEN cover story) as exciting as it seemed? How much has her life changed over the last year? Feel free to ask away!

All you have to do is submit your questions (using the form below) between now and July 3rd. We’ll sort through them, pick a bunch of good ones, have her answer them for you and will post her responses right here on July 17th.

Pretty cool, huh?

Fill out the form to ask questions, here is the url at teenmag.com


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