GIST TV: Year’s Most Memorable TV Moments

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The Year’s Most Memorable TV Moments
Compiled by Leslie Ginsparg

When a show evokes emotion � makes us laugh, cry or gasp in shock � that’s good television. Those classic TV moments remind us why we spend hours on end staring bug-eyed at a box.

Here’s Gist’s list of the top 10 classic TV moments from the 1999-2000 season, in no particular order:

Michael Finally Lets Go (Roswell: “Independence Day”)
The freshman season of Roswell was rife with moving moments, but none more poignant than when teen alien Michael (Brendan Fehr) finally reached out to earthling Maria (Majandra Delfino), his on-off girlfriend. The duo’s romance was rocky from the beginning, with verbal sparring masking their true attraction. After they finally did get romantically involved, Maria expended a lot of energy trying to get closer to Michael, while he, wary of getting close to anyone, constantly pushed her away. But it all came to a head one night when Michael, after having been thrown out of the house by his abusive foster father, showed up outside Maria’s bedroom window, standing in the cold, pouring rain and looking like a lost puppy. She eventually allowed him into her room, where he broke down and cried. She gently comforted him. He didn’t utter a word. He didn’t have to. His tears and the agonizing look on his face said it all. The moment brought Michael and Maria’s fledgling relationship to a whole new level and left viewers rejoicing in his emotional breakthrough.
– Jenny Higgons

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