Petition to Sky One for Season 2 of Roswell High

Rebecca sent this in, and is asking for help to keep Roswell on in the UK. Take a minute if you can, and sign the petition!

The petition signature page can be found here

To: Sky One
The U.K Roswelliens need your help! Sky One, which showed the first series of Roswell High, are currently deciding whether to secure the rights to show Series Two, next season.
This petition has been set up to try and influence their decision and ensure Roswell High’s future in the U.K.
Why should I sign this petition? Why should Sky show the next series? Because Roswell is one of the best T.V shows to hit our screens in years. It is different from other shows as it contains the sci-fi element. This makes it unique and it really stands out from other teenage shows. Roswell has the right amount of romance and sci-fi that has already drawn audiences worldwide from all different age groups.
Set in the infamous town of Roswell, New Mexico, the show follows three aliens, Max, Isabel and Michael, who are survivors of the 1947 crash, and their three friends, Liz, Alex and Maria who must keep their dangerous secret even though unknown enemies are closing in.
Perhaps one of the most appealing aspects to the show is the way it conveys ‘different’ in todays teenage world. Everyone can associate with the feelings of wanting to be ‘normal’. Roswell deals with the everyday drama of being a teenager but goes to the extreme with the sci-fi spin of being an alien.
Being an alien doesn’t stop the three aliens feeling human. Any teenager needs to discover their identity in this world and the feeling of self discovery and of who you are is explored in the show.
A number of relationships developed between the characters in the first series as they dealt with a number of issues. Some alien but some very human like child abuse, which was brought up in the episode ‘Independace Day’ where Michael was being hit by his foster father.
Love and friendship is a big part of the show, which makes viewers that extra bit more envolved the storyline. The characters are presented in a way in which we begin to care for them like a friend.
The story of star-crossed lovers was taken to a new level in the show with alien, Max and human, Liz. The ‘will they’, ‘won’t they’ scenerio made a great impact on the viewers.
Destiny, the series one finale, left Roswell fans around the world on the edge of their seats. We now wait for the next series but we, the U.K fans, need your help.
Hopefully this has made some impact on you and you will spare a minute to sign this petition.
Thank You.



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