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Katherine Heigl Goodies (Teen Mag, Valentine and More)

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From http://movies.ign.com:

Valentine Victim
Add another pair to Boreanaz’s list of loves.

August 7, 2000

Katherine volunteers for IGN’s mouth-to-mouth (or whatever) class.
Katherine Heigl may be a star in the television series Roswell, but she’s probably best remembered for making Steven Seagal think naughty thoughts as Casey Ryback’s daughter in Under Siege 2. There’s a bad Dr. Seuss rhyme in there, but we’ll let you find that one for yourself.
Variety says that Heigl is lending her assets to the already buxom cast of Valentine. There’s sure to be several shots of screaming Katherine, sobbing Denise Richards and Marley Shelton in nightgowns (or less), running through the house from would-be killer David Boreanaz. (we’re praying for a slumber party). As we told you in a previous story, the ladies pranked Angel when he was in high school — now he’s rich, handsome and out for revenge. The cast for Valentine has filled out like Britney Spears, with the addition of Ms. Heigl only re-enforces this. Filming has already begun for the film in Vancouver, with a release date set for February 14, 2001. Remember when 2001 held such promise ’cause it reminded you of the Stanley Kubrick flick? Now 2001means a David Boreanz movie. Hence the phrase, “Reality sucks.”

Will the girls give David what he wants, or will they play him like we got played by the PG-13 girls of Coyote Ugly? All Davey wants is for the ladies to show him a little heart for Valentine’s Day — from the inside.

— Chris McOuat thinks Katherine can do better

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Fat Busting Blueprint
The REAL DEAL: Down-to-earth stuff you oughta know:

Every body is different- there are about a gazillion shapes and sizes- with no one way the only way to be. Instead of aiming for a so-called “ideal,” make your goal to obtain the best shape for your individual body.

Just look at “Roswell” knockout Katherine Heigl. She is fed up with trying to turn her body into something it’s not. “I’m 5’8! There’s no way I’m going to way 95lbs! This is how I look and I’m comfortable with it.” And, she should be — she’s absolutely stunning!

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Katherine Heigl’s movie “My Father the Hero” will be on HBO this Friday, August 11. I think the paper said it will be on at either 5 or 5:30pm, but check your local listings anyway for the exact time.