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Brendan Featured In Premiere Magazine

Thanks to Daniel for this:

Brendan Fehr is featured in a photo spread in the September 2000 issue of Premiere Magazine. The topic of the spread is the rising occurence of depictions of suburbia in movies. Brendan is in photos on pages 71, 73, and 77. along with the picture on page 73 is a small blurb entitled “Slow Burn” that reads a s follows:
“Some days I think I can blow De Niro off the screen,” Brendan Fehr says, “but some days, I don’t know if I can act my way out of a paper bag.” Not to worry-at 22, Fehr, who’s only been acting for three years, has time to play catch-up. Best known for his role as an alien heartbreaker on the WB’s cult hit Roswell, the Canadian-born actor has also appeared in the teen thrillers Disturbing Behavior and Final Destination. An ambitious guy, he spent his summer hiatus on location in Arizona playing a vampire for next year’s The Forsaken.