Wanda Spoilers For 7/31 and 8/7

Thanks to Corinne for these.

Week of July 31, 2000

From candygirl285: Any Michael/Maria or Roswell news?
I can tell you what’s going to happen with all of the couples…in general.
The three original aliens (Isabel, Max and Michael) will fight their
destinies and try to stay with their human counterparts. But they can only
fight it for so long before the past resurfaces.

From JJT: Wanda, babe, REALLY want some Roswell spoils!!! Can ya help me out?
Sure, babe. When the show returns, we find that Liz has been away for the
summer and hasn’t talked to Max. She comes back more grown-up and more
mature, and she starts working for a congresswoman who comes to town.

Week of August 7, 2000

From roslvr242: Why is the first Roswell ep called “Skin and Bones”? Does
someone die?
No one dies, but Pierce’s dead body is discovered in the desert.

From roswellian22: How long will Tess be on Roswell? Please tell me she won’t
be on all season!
Sorry, but Tess is now a permanent fixture on the show.

From kelleyhere: Are Roswell’s Maria and Michael really dating?
Yes, Majandra Delfino and Brendan Fehr are dating (although I don’t think
exclusively). So are Tangi Miller and J. August Richards (the new guy on
Angel)–and, of course, Keri Russell and Scott Speedman.

From denny: Anything else on Roswell?
Isabel gets a new love interest; he gets pulled into the storyline by
discovering Pierce’s body in the desert. Nothing happens between them at
first, however, because she tries to make things work with Alex.

From ned_drune: Do Max and Liz try to work things out?
Although Max tries, Liz is determined to stay away, saying she needs to start
her life over without him. But Liz’s new job at a congresswoman’s office
keeps her tied to the aliens’ lives.