“The White Room”, May 8th – Spoilers

From The WB Media Site:

Monday, May 8 – (9:00 – 10:00 pm ET)
“The White Room” TV-PG, L, V

MAX’S WORST NIGHTMARE COMES TRUE — Now in the custody of FBI agent Pierce (guest star David Conrad, “Relativity”), Max’s (Jason Behr) greatest fears become reality when he is held prisoner in a “white room” and subjected to interrogation and torture as Pierce tries to make him reveal his true identity. After Isabel (Katherine Heigl) “dreamwalks” into Max’s mind and discovers where he is being held captive, she, Michael (Brendan Fehr) and Tess (guest star Emilie De Ravin) set out to rescue Max. Left behind to worry and wait, Liz (Shiri Appleby), Maria (Majandra Delfino) and Alex (Colin Hanks) finally decide to reveal the truth to Sheriff Valenti (William Sadler) and ask for help. Jonathan Frakes directed the episode written by Jason Katims & Thania St. John (#1ADA20).