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Majandra Encounter At Teen Choice Awards

Thanks to James for sending this in.

This story is from a friend of mine who met Mo backstage and the Teen Choice Awards on Aug 6:

Story by Lauren Tomlinson… “I met Majandra! At the Teen Choice Awards 2000 today. (I have connections, I guess you could say) I got to go backstage and to the post party and I met Majandra! At the post party she went outside. She was with Brendan and friends, she had a tank top that was written on with permanent marker that said “I love my mom” and she had curly hair extensions. I tapped her arm and said, “could you sign this?” and she said, “sure, what’s your name?” and I said, “Lauren. I saw you on the bowling thing yesterday” (she was on an MTV bowling thing and she did bad!) and she laughed and said, “oh yeah sorry I didn’t do that good (or she might have said so well)” and she wrote “Lauren-Behave! Love (well actually she drew a heart) Majandra. Then she handed me my booklet with the pen inside and continued talking to
her friends. She was really, really nice! I also met Gwen Stefani, Jon Voight, Rachel Leigh Cook (from She’s All That), Ricki Lake, Beverly Mitchell (from Seventh Heaven), singer Aaliyah, Laura Prepon (from That 70’s Show), and the editor of Seventeen, Melanie Marranino who autographed a book for me. Majandra was so sweet though.


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