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Tuesday August 1, 2000
When “Roswell” fans get together, there is no stopping them…(just look at
what their letter writing campaign did to save the show!)

This Saturday, August 5th, 450 “Roswell” fans from around the world, who met
on the internet while trying to save their beloved show from cancellation,
will convene at the Key Club in Los Angeles to both celebrate their success
in getting the show renewed as well as fight the battle for another worthy
cause — the battle against world hunger.

These fans know first-hand how working together toward a common goal is
often times the most productive way to effect change. Now they’re
championing the cause for the “Roswell is Hot, Hunger is Not” campaign
instituted by World Vision 30 Hour Famine – an organization dedicated to
feeding starving children all over the world, while raising hunger awareness
in today’s youth. Max Evans would be proud. For information on what you can
do to help, click here.

Roswell is HOT, Hunger is NOT