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WB Party – Colin Hanks Interview

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WB PARTY-JULY 24, 2000

Mandy: How was it going back to work today (Monday July 24)?

Colin Hanks: I had a day off.

Mandy: Lucky

CH: So it was nice. But I work on Thursday and am looking forward to going back to work.

Mandy: How do you think it’s going to be getting back into the role of Alex?

CH: Very, very easy. It’s not going to be hard at all. Alex is very simple.

Mandy: That he is. What can we expect this season with Alex?

CH: Uh, I don’t know. Hopefully, Alex will grow a little bit. He’s definitely grown a little bit over the summer. I really don’t know. I’m just going to see what they write up for me and hopefully it will be good. I have a feeling it definitely is.

Mandy: You’ve heard about the Tabasco sauce campaign..

CH: Yes.

Mandy: What are your thoughts/opinions on it?

CH: I think it’s great… except when they send the Tabasco sauce to me. I love it. I want the show to stay on. The tabasco sauce had to go to the people who didn’t–you know, that had the power. I thought that it was great though I thought it was very, very, very, very cool that the fans did that and it’s really touching when it’s something as simple as that-you know people buying tabasco and sending it in to show all their support for a show we do day in and
day out is very, very cool. I was honored that the fans dug it that much.

Mandy: Have you heard about the latest campaign idea?

CH: No.

Mandy: The fans are going to send in silver handprints to try to get the back nine episodes picked up of the show.

CH: Right on! I’ll take that. A silver high five-I like that.

Mandy: We all want the show to come back for a full season.

CH: I would love it if that happened.

Mandy: So would I. Thank you so much.