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YM – In Her Bag Of Tricks – Katherine Heigl

Thanks to Sheila for this. The October 2000 issue of YM mag, on page 27:

In Her Bag Of Tricks: Katherine Heigl from Roswell

What’s Katherine Heigl’s secret to supernatural skin? This cosmic combo, which she picked up on the set of Roswell, gets her skin glowing at warp speed: First, she uses her fingers to apply BeneFit Nine One One! tinted cream to eyelids, lips, and cheekbones for a hint of color. Next, she lightly sweeps on BeneFit High Beam, an iridescent lotion that highlights her features. Try it, and maybe you’ll look out of this world, too!

Note: Pic with article. Heigl wearing white sleeveless top and a black bottom { Pic cutes off, so cant’t tell if it’s a pant or a skirt.}