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J-14 Magazine Roswell Information

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Teeny mention of Roswell in November 2000 issue of “YM” (Young & Modern), p. 40

“Ultimate TV Snacks” [small photo of Max and Liz]

Roswell: Tube treat: Alien dip. Pita quarters topped with hummus and spiked with Tabasco – the gang’s beverage of choice.

[also an article on Howie D. and his sister Pollyanna]


J-14 (just for teens) magazine, November 2000 (lots of Roswell!)

p. 29 “Advice from the stars: Getting through the teenage years”

COLIN HANKS: Ask Roswell’s Colin Hanks about his high school days and he’ll tell you that it was a weird place that had a way of magnifying all of your hangups. “I look back at high school and realized, ‘What was I thinking?’ Everything seemed so monumental in high school: How can I go on? How can I show up at school tomorrow?” Colin confesses to J-14. Thankfully, he’s gotten over the stress of school. His attitude? “Just stay yourself because ultimately that’s going to be the best thing you’ve got going.”

[photo of Colin with long sideburns – and green eyes?]

p, 50 “The write stuff” – [Nice photo of Jason and Shiri and the address to write to Roswell] Roswell
c/o The WB Netwrork
4000 Warner Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91522

p. 77 “Fall TV previews” [small photo of Max and and Liz. Caption: “Will Max and Liz ever be together?”

* * * Tiny bit spoilerish?* * *

On last season’s shocking ending, we learned that, as aliens, Tess and Max were married, and Isabel and Michael were engaged. Of course, this was bad news for the humans in Roswell who had fallen for them! Despite his past, Max attempts to make things work with Liz, but Liz pushes him away, right into the arms of Tess. Meanwhile, Isabel doesn’t want to hurt Alex, but she finds herself attracted to another man!

p. 94-95 “WB Stars Build a House” [photos of Brendan Fehr, Shiri Appleby, and Majandra Delfino in hard hats with caption: “The Roswell cast proves to be a tight-knit group at the site” and of Brendan and another guy on their knees hammering: “Brendan Fehr learns new carpentry skills on the job.”]

A dusty vacant lot in the middle of Long Beach, California, is hardly where you would expect to find some of the hottest young stars of the WB network. But yet, there they were! Your fave TV actors put showbiz aside for the weekend and instead pitched in by raising walls, lifting rafters and nailing shingles to help build a house with Habitat for Humanity International, an organization that provides affordable housing for those in need.

With the temperature soaring towards 100 degrees and the humidity rising every hour…

[Roswell part of article only]

Joining the afternoon shift, “Roswell’s” Shiri Appleby, Majandra Delfino and Brendan Fehr showed up enthusiastic and ready for work. The “Roswell” trio was as close off-screen as they are on, filling wheelbarrows full of dirt and working side by side all day. “This is really interesting because we’re not true carpenters,” said Majandra, “but we’re here and we are going to help build this house anyway.”

And help build it they did, as they joined the other volunteers to raise the first wall of the house. “I’ll probably do this again because I’m really learning,” declared Brendan before taking his place at the wall. “I can hammer a nail, but they’re teaching me the rest.”

J-14 (just for teens) magazine Nov 2000 p. 78

Is it true.. that David Boreanaz is starring in a new movie with Katherine Heigl?

David, who stars on the WB’s “Angel,” is set to star in his first feature film, a horror/thriller called “Valentine.” In it, David plays college nerd, Adam Carr, who is the butt of a vicious practical joke played by four women. Ten years later, he’s totally transformed into a good-looking and happening guy, and begins to seek revenge by killing the women on successive Valentine’s Days. The film is due to hit theaters – you guessed it – on Valentine’s Day! Fellow WB actress, Roswell’s Katherine Heigl, plays a pre-med student in the movie.